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July 1997: The Public Disclosure Commission has adopted various laws prohibiting the use of public funds for various activities, and today we discuss these laws, and their exceptions, in depth; we also consider ballot propositions under the Pierce County Local Voters Pamphlet. 01-0419977v01n04jul1997.pdf
The law of recall in Washington is extensive, and now we consider the definitions of “misfeasance” and “malfeasance”; the importance of adopting cell phone use policies to avoid liability; we then outline the six- part test under RCW 51.08.195 to determine whether a person is an independent contractor; and then consider policies to prevent workplace violence. 05-0420054v05n04apr2005.pdf
Today we discuss court rulings specifying that there can be no individual liability under the ADA; the importance of enacting email and internet use policies; a PERC ruling on an illegal subject of bargaining; and a change in the election laws. 07-0220072v07n02feb2007.pdf
This article, published in 2008, emphasizes the importance of counting words in your ballot titles during election season. 08-0520085v08n05may2008.pdf
This is a hot issue, no pun intended: The Washington Public Employment Relations Commission recently delivered a crucial decision governing when minimum staffing is a mandatory subject of bargaining; the Washington Supreme Court rendered an opinion governing when neglectful actions may constitute a "violation of the oath of office" for purposes of a recall petition; finally, we shed light on a very important decision from a Washington Court of Appeals pertaining to when the Washington Constitution provides an exemption from the Public Records Act disclosure requirements. 15-11201711November2017FINAL.pdf
We discuss three different court cases today, two involving elected officials (a recall case and a defamation case) and one involving Washington's "single subject rule" for legislation (including initiatives of the people); we also briefly consider whether the per-student charge for fire protection would also apply to home-schooled students. 18-10202010October2020FINAL.pdf
We now consider the number of words that can be included in a ballot title, a case involving the negligent handling of a deceased patient by a fire department, and a case involving the wrongful execution of a search warrant. 19-0320213March2021FINAL.pdf
Today we consider some important labor concepts and decisions pertaining to the employer's obligation to bargain over PFMLA premiums and supplemental benefits. We also consider local elections procedures and a Public Records Act case involving the statute of limitations. 21-0520235May2023FINAL.pdf
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