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Here we consider a Washington court case involving the propriety of retroactive pay increases, and their implications under the Washington Constitution; the administrative exemption to the FLSA overtime laws; we then discuss on-call pay under FLSA. 04-0420004v04n04apr2000.pdf
Today we consider a decision by the Public Employment Relations Commission, of which the Firehouse Lawyer is a former commissioner, in which the hearing examiner found that there is no duty to bargain supplemental pensions; we then consider the 90-day statute of limitations for seeking the vacation of an arbitration award; a federal district court finding that the Department of Labor exceeded their authority when enacting a particular FMLA regulation; a question involving contractual obligations under the FMLA; a question involving the issuance of pagers and the implications that may present under the on-call-pay provisions FLSA; and to sum up, a question involving whether a fire department must have a fire chief to comply with Washington law. 02-12199812v02n12dec1998.pdf
Now we consider a federal court case discerning whether city firefighters may serve as private rescue squad volunteers without mandating overtime or minimum wage payment under FLSA; the payment of compensatory time in lieu of overtime; various examples of on-call pay disputes under FLSA; and to conclude, we discuss whether employment contracts may extend beyond an elected official’s term. 02-10199810v02n10oct1998.pdf
This issue is about a court case in which paramedics and EMTs were found not to be entitled to overtime compensation for on-call hours; a US Supreme Court ruling that involved consideration of the “salary basis” test; and a Washington law forbidding discrimination on the basis of political activism. 01-0119974v01n01apr1997.pdf
Today we are discussing "on call pay" and promoting our upcoming Municipal Roundtable on the bid-law exceptions, taking place virtually on September 30 from 9-11 AM. Here is the link for that: 20-0720227July2022FINAL.pdf
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