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July 1997: The Public Disclosure Commission has adopted various laws prohibiting the use of public funds for various activities, and today we discuss these laws, and their exceptions, in depth; we also consider ballot propositions under the Pierce County Local Voters Pamphlet. 01-0419977v01n04jul1997.pdf
Today the Firehouse Lawyer addresses numerous issues, including two important ADA cases before the US Supreme Court involving the determination of whether certain employees were qualified individuals with a disability (QID); the privacy of telephone conversations under the Washington Privacy Act, RCW 9.73; local governments not being exempt from contractor licensing under L & I regulations; and finally, we look at a Washington court case addressing the applicability of the Public Records Act to the Washington State Association of Counties and the Washington State Association of County Officials. 03-0419994v03n04apr1999.pdf
We now contemplate whether a claim of generalized abuse by, for example, an obnoxious, abusive supervisor, may be asserted as a sexual harassment claim, absent unlawful unwelcome advances or comments with a sexual component; we also discuss public funds in support of or in opposition to any ballot proposition or candidate; and finally, we address cellular site leases. 05-10200510v05n10oct2005.pdf
We discuss various topics in this issue: FLSA implications with volunteers; the public disclosure commission and the use of public funds in campaigning; the Open Meetings Act and quorums; the Model Rules for the Public Records Act; and the Washington State Family Medical Leave Act: RCW 49.78.06-11200611v06n11nov2006.pdf
This article addresses the propriety of political signs being placed on fire district property, and various legislative enactments and non-enactments, particularly with respect to the pension systems. 07-0820078v07n08aug2007.pdf
Today the Firehouse Lawyer discusses the Intra-State Building Safety Mutual Aid System, a statute unheard of in the fire service, which may provide another revenue-building tool for fire districts, if certain legislative fixes are made; we also consider the implications of government officials receiving gifts; a new Washington senate bill that amends RCW 39.34.030, and consequently, aspects of the public bid laws; whether call logs are public records, or whether requests for electronic copies of files that are not backed up are proper public records requests; and finally, we talk about whether your policies should properly designate “peer support group counselors,” such that any confidences revealed to them during treatment may not be inquired into in a court of law.13-0620156June_2015_FINAL.pdf
Today we discuss the highlights of all of the 2019 issues of the Firehouse Lawyer. Happy New Year! 17-12201912December2019FINAL.pdf
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