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Today the Firehouse Lawyer considers some important case law interpreting the importance of response times and reasonable estimates for disclosing records under the Public Records Act; legislative clarification of the 207 (k) exemption under FLSA; another important case involving civil services commissions as they relate to collective bargaining; we also look at scoring criteria for veterans; and then we address certain questionable NFPA standards that may increase litigation. 03-12199912v03n12dec1999.pdf
We now discuss the HIPAA Security Rule, which pertains to administrative, physical, and technical safeguard measures, to ensure that your data is secure; a criminal case involving compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule; a court case involving whether volunteers are “participants” such that they should receive health and pension benefits under RCW 41.24; veterans’ scoring criteria; and important developments in the case law surrounding the Weingarten Doctrine. 05-0220052v05n02feb2005.pdf
Here we discuss changes in the Washington Family Medical Leave law, and implementing policies for releasing photos. 08-0720087v08n07jul2008.pdf
Today we discuss the importance of using proper scoring criteria in the hiring of veterans, and also regulations under the FMLA for military members. 09-0120091v09n01jan2009.pdf
Today we consider a legislative change in the definition of "veteran" under the veterans' preference/scoring criteria statute; we also discuss a recent decision by the Washington Supreme Court on child abuse and neglect, and the role of incident commanders. 16-0420184April2018FINAL.pdf
Veterans get various preferences under Washington and federal law, rightfully so. We discuss those preferences herein, and also include our monthly Safety Bill. Happy Memorial Day. 16-0520185May18FINAL.pdf
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