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This article talks about some recent conferences, one of which addressed the Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), and a description of a Washington Supreme Court case striking down Initiative 747, a.k.a. the 1% property tax revenue growth limitation. 07-11200711v07n11nov2007.pdf
Retroactive decreases in employee benefits, or the withholding or rebate of wages, present contentious legal issues: Recently, the Washington Supreme Court decided a very important case addressing these issues, in the context of benefits that may or may not exist when a collective bargaining agreement has expired; we also discuss what steps a fire department may take to obtain mitigation in the event of new development, in lieu of impact fees, under the Washington State Environmental Policy Act, RCW 43.21C. 13-0720157July_2015_FINAL_2.pdf
Celebrate your independence by reading our latest issue, where we consider a new case involving five-day letters under the Public Records Act; the retainage requirements for public works contracts; and where we inform you about our new office space at South King Fire and Rescue! 15-0620176June2017FINAL.pdf
The Firehouse Lawyer is introducing a new monthly column: "Labor Concepts," where today we will discuss "double jeopardy" in discipline cases; we also include our Safety Bill and discussion of indefinite disability leave and impact fees, SEPA mitigation and contracts for services. 16-11201811November2018FINAL.pdf
This issue discusses what "tax increment financing" is and how it may impact your agency. We also discuss our upcoming Municipal Roundtable on financing mechanisms, and the small works and vendor-list rules. 20-11202211November2022FINAL.pdf
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